Hyperlocal Social Media Apps

Anonymous online communities that have the potential to impact multiple domains.

Online Communities

Anonymous Hyperlocal Social Media Apps

Social media apps promising “anonymous” profile features and a hyperlocal community are increasingly popular among Generation Z (Gen Z) social media users. Popular anonymous hyperlocal apps include, but are not limited to, Jodel, Yik Yak, Sidechat, Fizz, and Gas.

App users can interact anonymously with other users within a limited geographic radius. Due to these features, the hyperlocal online experience is popular around colleges and universities, large cities, military installations, and school systems.

Anonymous Hyperlocal App Challenges

Anonymous hyperlocal social media apps offer an online platform with limited accountability for user conduct. This unique platform feature can support cyberbullying, hate speech, mis/disinformation, and targeted harassment.

Additionally, calls for acts of violence, self-harm, and threats of terrorism have been reported on these online communities.

Community members’ online activity can impact the entire organization.

Online misconduct on anonymous hyperlocal social media apps can have extensive impacts on organizational force, mission, and reputation. Organizational leaders must aware of the potential effects of unprofessional, unethical, and illegal online activity by affiliated members.

Learn how these apps are impacting colleges and universities.

Check out our recent report on Jodel, Yik Yak, Fizz,and Sidechat’s destructive effects on higher education communities across the United States.

Effective Solutions are Available

Becker Digital has demonstrated expertise empowering organizations to effectively address and mitigate the negative effects cyberharassment and online misconduct has on mission-driven organizations. Our people-first, technology-informed approach empowers organizations to successfully navigate the Information Age. We deliver customized solutions to complex problems, through strategic consulting and organizational training services.

Case Study

Becker Digital was contracted to assist the nation’s oldest state-sponsored military college, Virginia Military Institute (VMI), in navigating the multi-faceted challenges of online misconduct posted to Jodel, Yik Yak, and other popular social media platforms.

Our team of military-connected consultants developed a customized response strategy and digital professionalism course specific to military audiences.



White Paper: Anonymous Hyperlocal Apps

Anonymous hyperlocal social media apps like Jodel and Yik Yak offer hyperlocal online communities that have emerged as cesspools of cyberbullying, hate speech, and harassment targeted specifically to members of the college and university community. Additionally, calls for acts of violence, self-harm, and threats of terrorism have been reported on these online communities geographically-affiliated with higher education institutions.

Discover the impacts of social media apps such as Jodel and Yik Yak on colleges and universities, and learn about effective mitigation strategies for combatting negative influences in Becker Digital’s recent white paper, “Anonymous Hyperlocal Apps:' Strategy for Higher Education.”

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